Class Schedule for Aug 14-18

RPCF Fam, 

As most of you are aware next week Aug 14-19, I am taking my annualvacation. Some Classes have been canceled.

  • 5am classes on Thursday and Friday are canceled.
  • All 6am and 9am are canceled. 
  • All 3:30pm Classes will be open gym.

Dara and myself would like to thank all of our coaches for stepping up and making this happen for us. Please make sure you thank them next week when you see them. Without them this week would not be possible. With that being said any concerns or issues next week can be directed to any of these coaches, they will know what to do. Im also Listing Erock’s Cell Phone number just in case. 504-812-9288

I would like to apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Have a great week, continue to work hard.

P.s. If you need us to make you a home workout due to class cancelations, we can definitely help you with that.


Respectfully Always, 


Raymond GuedryComment